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Exxaro Case Study

Exxaro partners with Supply Chain Partner to transform its procurement function Scope of project: Business transformation, BSM implementation (Coupa) for direct and indirect goods and

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Benefits of Cloud ERP

One of the many benefits of Cloud ERP is automating and integrating disparate systems and processes to help transform the way your business operates. Learn more.

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Coupa Solutions

As an official Coupa partner, we recognize the benefits that a holistic business spend management solution can provide to you and your company over time.

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Business Transformation Services

To stay on top, your business needs to embrace change. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t hold up in the modern, fast-paced and ever-evolving world we find ourselves in today.

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SCP-Project Procurement

Project procurement management

When implementing new technologies, companies need resources to ensure that it’s done effectively, timeously and meets expectations. While many companies see the benefits of implementing the best procurement technology solutions, most don’t have the resources to manage and oversee this process themselves.

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SCP-Business Transformation

Business transformation

We are committed to working with companies to unlock business value. We help our clients to articulate their supply chain strategy, improve their processes and policies and evolve their operating models. We also equip stakeholders, including suppliers, to better engage with our clients’ procurement systems. Further, we embed digital solutions that improve efficiencies.

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SCP-Cloud Business Management

Managed Services

We believe that cloud-based enterprise applications are the future. We help our clients to achieve, and make the most of, the rewards that a shift to the cloud brings.

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SCP-Cloud enterprise integration and data management

Cloud enterprise integration

Process integration from cloud solutions to ERP, and data consistency across an organisation with various data structures, is an increasingly important driver of business efficiency.

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SCP - Employee expense management processes

Employee expense management processes

Expense management can be a tedious task for employees and negatively affect their productivity. It can also be an area that, if unchecked, can lead to corruption and fraud. Supply Chain Partner strives to assist procurement departments to make employee spend simpler and more transparent.

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Managed Support Services

As business spend management experts, we have a vast understanding of the scope of financial management, procurement and supply chain challenges that your business may

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Intelligent Automation Solutions

In an increasingly digitized marketplace, streamlining your business operations – from managing finances to analyzing market trends – is imperative for keeping up with the

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