Coupa R35 Release Highlights

Capturing all spend with best-of-breed capabilities

At the heart of Coupa’s mission is to create a user-friendly and intuitive solution that requires minimal training for your employees, admins, and suppliers.

  • Simplify request processes across Coupa using a new guided experience.
  • Easily send funds to your global accounts by initiating fund transfers within Coupa Pay.
  • Increase visibility into supplier onboarding activities with a SIM KPI dashboard.
  • Accelerate RFI evaluations across stakeholders with multi-evaluator scoring in CSO.
  • Reduce supplier onboarding friction with a new unified CSP onboarding experience for suppliers.
  • Improve supply chain modeling in the cloud with expanded model building options.
  • Increase visibility into money market funds with real-time visibility into MMF data/balances.

Optimizing processes through spend unification

Coupa is leading the way with a platform that supports the evolution of a collaborative organization and unifies all the ways your business spends money.

  • Make better treasury decisions with visibility into upcoming invoices.
  • Enable more granular supplier diversity reporting with SIM diversity information in Advanced Analytics.
  • Improve the evaluation of your business entity’s risk with a sync between Business Entities and risk scores from Risk Assess.
  • Drive extensive expense analyses with custom object reporting for sourcing events and projects in Advanced Analytics.

Amplifying community value with

As Coupa’s community grows, continues to get smarter with data-driven insights to maximize value.

  • Better identify sources of non-compliant spend with a spend compliance dashboard in Spend Guard.
  • Gain full visibility into supplier information with a new community-driven supplier profile page within CSP.
  • Learn common practices from leaders across the community through our ESG MVP showcase.
  • Easily highlight Coupa Advantage rates for travelers with new booking tags in Coupa Travel.

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