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Navigating the complexities of ERP upgrades and connected software implementations


Navigating the complexities of ERP upgrades and connected software implementations

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Broken out into individual questions below.

What advice can you give us to ensure a smooth Coupa implementation?

What can we do to avoid blocks and overruns?

From Coupa’s perspective, what are the challenges facing companies that need to migrate or upgrade their ERP – specifically, SAP ECC to S/4HANA in a greenfield implementation?

In the case of SAP, how are the data and end-user experience affected, if at all, during an upgrade?

“We won’t need Coupa once we have S/4HANA.” Listen to Chris Courtemanche’s take on this statement.

How did Glencore upgrade its resources with its employees’ varying degrees of skill and experience across the business? Chris Courtemanche gives the details

Does it make sense to implement Coupa sooner rather than later? In other words, why not wait three or four years until SAP has been implemented. Chris Courtemanche shares his thoughts.

How is the market (Glencore) responding to the need to move to S/4HANA? Chris Courtemanche explains.

Can we measure the value of Coupa against the current situation? Chris Clarke shares his point of view.

What is the commercial implication of implementing and upgrading compared to postponing and implementing? Chris Courtemanche gives his take.

Did you know that your Coupa savings could pay for your SAP S/4HANA migration? Chris Clarke explains.

Chris Courtemanche was asked: “You’ve been involved in many Coupa implementations; what would be your Number 1 caution or nugget of advice?” Listen to his answer.

“Where do the $/£/R – value savings come from, and how are they calculated?” Chris Clarke explains.

Chris Clarke shows you how to get a Coupa value diagnostic.

“What are the characteristics of a ‘good project’ compared to a ‘bad project’?”

Emile Olckers, Supply Chain Partner associate director, gives his answer.