Digital transformation is crucial for organizations to be able to drive visibility, provide tangible value, obtain savings, and optimize business processes. The implementation of business spend management software is a key component in achieving these objectives.
But if the new systems and technologies are unable to speak to each other and operate disparately, the true value of digital transformation is lost and could cost your organization millions.
Integration by way of middleware aligns the data between systems and ensures seamless communication between these systems.
Software implementations without integration is a recipe for frustration, missed value opportunities, time and resource wastage and ultimately, a failed implementation.
Integration ensures:
  • automatic communication between systems
Integration also ensures the elimination of
  • double entries and duplicate work
  • faulty data transfer
  • incorrect contract information and,
  • manual fixes
The correct data and processes flow between systems is paramount to ensure that correct systems perform correct tasks.
Supply Chain Partner has the expertise (skilled and certified resources), experience (multiple enterprise scale integration projects) and partnerships (including, but not limited to Microsoft Azure, Dell Boomi, SnapLogic, Mulesoft, Oracle, SAP PO/PI etc.) to ensure that your digital transformation journey achieves the value necessary for your organization to thrive.


How does integration work?
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