SAP Ariba Solutions provide an end-to-end, integrated platform for total spend management.
With SAP Ariba’s spend management solutions, a user can source their needs either through an operational procurement process or a strategic procurement process. Users can onboard suppliers, go out to tender and execute and catalog their contracts digitally. Procure-to-pay activities are executed on the platform through a user-friendly interface, which provides an “Amazon” like shopping experience. Suppliers collaborate with Buyers through the Ariba Network on onboarding requirements, tenders, contracts and transactional documents.
SAP Ariba offers powerful plug and play integration capability into various ERP systems, with automated integration points through platforms such as Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG). Other SAP products, such as SAP Concur and SAP Fieldglass, can be accessed through the procurement applications. This provides one access point to multiple systems for the Buyer.
SAP Ariba offers various product solutions for different industries. Direct and indirect procurement can be catered for, and suppliers can collaborate with the Buyer on functionality such as Forecasting. This provides great insight into your supplier’s supply chains and allows you as an organization to react quickly to market demand.
Some of the procurement benefits that can be achieved with SAP Ariba is spend compliance through lower maverick spend, efficiency improvement with faster requisition-to-order cycle time, and increased process digitalization and transparency.
As a proud SAP Ariba partner with global implementation experience, we aim not only to assist you with the implementation of the software, but we also strive to add value by ensuring that solutions are fit-for-purpose and are embedded correctly.

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