The SAP Ariba product suite offers an end-to-end platform for digitalization and simplifying all commerce from source thought to settlement. The Ariba Network enables buyers to access the biggest digital supplier database, streamline procurement, collaborate with suppliers in multiple ways, and simplify interactions with other, complementary business functions.

SAP Ariba delivers the most complete source-to-settle global capabilities across all spend types such as direct materials, maintenance, repair, and operations, indirect, labor and services. 


The following are supported source-to-settle processes (represented by infographic):

SAP Ariba provides a leading integration technology platform and standard integrations to support any common practice process between SAP Ariba Source to Settle, SAP Ariba Network and SAP ERP or other ERP systems. SAP Ariba offers powerful plug and play integration capability into various ERP systems, with automated integration points through platforms such as Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG). Other SAP products, such as SAP Concur and SAP Fieldglass, can be accessed through the procurement applications. This provides one access point to multiple systems for the buyer.

Some of the procurement benefits that can be achieved with SAP Ariba is spend compliance through lower maverick spend, higher efficiency with faster requisition-to-order cycle time, and increased process digitization and transparency.

As a proud SAP Ariba partner with global implementation experience, we aim to not only assist you with the implementation of the software, but we also strive to add value by ensuring that your SAP Ariba solutions are fit-for-purpose and embedded within your organization.

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