SAP Concur is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to track and manage employee spend, end-to-end.  This travel, expense and invoice platform automates manual processes and provides visibility to travel administrators, finance teams and end users.
Some of the benefits of using Concur include:
  • Ease of use and mobile friendly
  • Reduction of manual tasks and fraud for employees, finance teams, administrators, and travel coordinators, and improvement of efficiency and compliance.
  • Scalability and alignment to global best practices when managing travel & expenses.
  • Pre-built connectors and ERP integrations.
  • Access to a global ecosystem – consolidating spending data from different systems, service providers (i.e. travel agencies, banks) into one platform to ensure that customers have an integrated view of their spend.
As a proud SAP Concur VAR partner, we collaborate with you, the customer, when deploying the solution to incorporate business requirements and nuances, whilst providing guidance on global best practices. 
We possess the know-how to implement cloud-based systems, we understand how businesses operate, and we provide expert guidance on business operating model impact, training requirements and change management.

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