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Your business is looking to grow, but cannot scale quickly enough to accommodate your current employees. The solution? A contingent workforce, hired to cover your immediate needs, but not employed on a permanent basis. There are countless benefits to utilizing a contingent workforce, including access to expertise not present in your organization. This method of employment, which has seen a rapid rise over the past decade, can mean unparallelled growth potential for your business. As a decision maker, you need to effectively manage the seasonal, temporary, and contingent workers in your organization to ensure that they are used to their full potential, and to the business’s greatest advantage. But how do you do that? With a tool like SAP Fieldglass, a vendor management system. Not quite up to scratch on what that means? SCP has pulled together a guide on SAP Fieldglass, which can tell you everything you need to know.

What Is SAP Fieldglass?

SAP Fieldglass is a cloud-based vendor management system (VMS) that assists businesses in sourcing, contracting, and managing external workforces. These workforces are more prevalent in some industries than in others, but they exist everywhere, and are available to be taken advantage of. Fieldglass allows you to manage these contingent workforces as a whole, instead of needing to compartmentalize the employment process, allowing for stronger communication between the different facets of your business.

How Does SAP Fieldglass work?

SAP Fieldglass provides a single platform for sourcing and managing contract workers. The cloud-based nature of the solution means that the information on potential contingent workers is available to any person involved in the process at any time, as all they will need in order to view the data is an internet connection and a suitable device. Fieldglass taps into a vast network of global contract workers, allowing you to pick from amongst a variety of experts when looking to hire external workers. The platform then allows you to ensure that the workers are compliant, before onboarding them according to your company policy. You are then able to monitor the work that the new contractors are performing, while maintaining security standards and without requesting individual reports from each department in your business.

SAP Fieldglass Features & Benefits

The main benefit of Fieldglass is the level of control that it provides of your contract workers. Gone are the days of receiving late requests or scrounging around to find an employee’s contract details – this is all stored in an easily accessible database in the cloud. This allows you to set policy at a high level that can be instantly communicated to your permanent employee base.

Fieldglass also simplifies communication and provides greater levels of visibility between departments. Now, one area of your business will be able to ascertain whether a different area has access to the area of expertise they are looking for, instead of blindly hiring someone who performs the same job as an existing worker.

Finally, Fieldglass provides you with greater assurance that all extraneous hires will be fully compliant and secure – a major concern when departments were hiring their own contractors without overarching oversight.

As an expert in digital transformation and enterprise applications, SCP can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your contingent workforce needs, whatever the size of your organization or industry you are part of. We understand how important the employ of contract workers is to your business, and our expertise allows us to seamlessly implement the ideal solution into your existing workforce management processes. Let us guide you in optimizing a VMW like SAP Fieldglass, and implementing it seamlessly into your organization.