Systems For Sustainable Procurement

Systems For Sustainable Procurement: A supply chain partner white paper on the powerof procurement technology to fight climate change. Click the download link below to find out more: Download

How SCP helps retail companies solve procurement challenges

Overview: An overview of retail procurement management Retail procurement management can be difficult to navigate, and it comes with high stakes that can determine the success or failure of your business. Retail procurement is the process of sourcing and purchasing the products your business sells. Through the procurement process, you establish the cost of goods […]

Solving procurement challenges in the healthcare industry

Supply Chain Partner works with healthcare companies to improve procurement strategies and optimize procurement systems using cloud technology.

Industry overview: The importance of procurement management in the healthcare industry Efficient procurement systems and management are essential to ensuring the effective operations of many crucial aspects of the healthcare industry. Proper sourcing, negotiation and acquisition of supplies are needed to produce groundbreaking research and provide patients with the best possible quality of care. Well-managed […]

How SCP helps mining companies succeed

How Supply Chain Partner helps mining companies Supply Chain Partner helps companies spend intelligently. We implement the best technologies for our clients and work with them to modernize their procurement processes. We recognize that process integration from cloud solutions to ERP with data consistency across an organization with various data structures is key in many […]

Inclusive Procurement – White Paper

Inclusive Procurement: A greater imperative than ever before, made ever more possible by technology. Click the download link below to find out more: Download

Exxaro Case Study

Exxaro partners with Supply Chain Partner to transform its procurement function Scope of project: Business transformation, BSM implementation (Coupa) for direct and indirect goods and services, SAP ERP and Microsoft Azure middleware integration, and ongoing support. Click the download button below to find out more: Download

eProcurement vs Traditional Procurement

eProcurement vs Traditional Procurement: both methods entail purchasing or hiring services using electronic systems while traditional is more manual. Learn more.

Supply Chain Control Tower Service

We offer Supply Chain Control Tower to help analyse & optimise your business processes to achieve efficiency. Enquire about our Supply Chain Control Tower solutions.

Source-To-Contract Service

We offer Source-To-Contract to help analyse & optimise your business processes to achieve efficiency. Enquire about our Source-To-Contract solutions.

Microsoft Azure Services

We offer Microsoft Azure cloud enterprise integration services that connects applications and services in the cloud, on-premise and at the edge. Learn more.