Supply Chain Partner

How Supply Chain Partner Helps Finance Companies

As a management consulting firm, Supply Chain Partner helps companies in many different industries spend more intelligently. One group of clients that Supply Chain Partner frequently works with is those in the finance industry. Using innovative applications and hybrid platform solutions, Supply Chain Partner assists finance companies in making sustainable, value-generating procurement decisions.

Founded in 2013, the South Africa-based agency utilizes innovative technologies to modernize its clients’ procurement processes. Our highly experienced team is made up of strategic thinkers, developers and business transformation, change management and creative specialists.

With a number of industry and technology certifications, finance companies working with Supply Chain Partner can expect a willingness to collaborate to create real-time results. Our work is valuable to banks, insurance companies and other financial service companies that want an expert opinion on how to best manage their spending.

Challenges Finance Companies Face

An increasingly digital marketplace adds new challenges — as well as opportunities — for many finance companies. Some finance companies might struggle with managing all their different expenses and operations in an organized and effective way.

Streamlining business operations has become an increasingly important part of keeping up with the marketplace’s demands, but this can be difficult for businesses to do without outside help.

Work Supply Chain Partner Has Done

Supply Chain Partner has the expertise and technological resources to help finance companies meet their goals through intelligent automation. The team’s usage of intelligent automation with clients has many benefits, including integration of back-office operations, enhanced efficiency and productivity, reduced costs and an optimized consumer experience.

Supply Chain Partner typically begins by conducting a detailed evaluation of each finance company’s current processes and systems. It then helps solve problems and create new growth through sourcing, procurement management, data management and expense management.

When working with finance companies, Supply Chain Partner implements Coupa, a business spend management solution, to assist clients with managing their spending. With Coupa, Supply Chain Partner can analyze a finance company’s data and help them discover patterns and inefficient spending.

In 2015, Supply Chain Partner implemented Coupa when working with a bank, which was the first time Coupa was utilized in Africa. Supply Chain Partner’s experienced team of consultants assisted the bank with organizing their sourcing and procure-to-pay implementation (P2P) to improve overall efficiency. The team also created a new management strategy, communication strategy and training strategy for the bank to execute.

Additionally, in 2019 Supply Chain Partner began helping a financial services company track their sourcing, thereby helping the company with expense management and data management. The team implemented P2P and a contract lifestyle management (CLM) module, which both are useful technological systems that help streamline and automate the expense management and procurement processes.

For the same financial services company, Supply Chain Partner also used a database engine with data interrogation capability to help analyze supplier spending. The team provided business analysis services and helped improve the structure of the business by making changes to its management, communication and supplier enablement services.

Supply Chain Partners’ Outcomes

Overall, Supply Chain Partner helps finance companies make smarter spending decisions while optimizing transparency and productivity. Collaborating with Supply Chain Partner and receiving information from its expert team is a transformative solution to modernizing your finance company.

The skilled team of consultants helps clients by conducting thorough analysis and implementing unique solutions to each company’s specific problems.

Supply Chain Partner’s analysis of these clients and their implementation of more useful, innovative systems helped simplify the procurement process through improved systems for expense management. Contact us so we can use our innovative systems to save time, money and resources for your finance company.