Supply Chain Partner

Managed Services

SCP-Cloud Business Management

With our dogged commitment to ensuring that value is derived from every project that we undertake, post-implementation support is every bit as crucial as getting the job done.

Our managed services function covers every conceivable aspect of a post go-live scenario, with support governance and reporting, incident management, service requests handling, problem management, health checks, enhancements relating to design, development, testing and deployment, continuous improvement from a support, technical and business perspective, as well as software release management forming the backbone of our offering.

Additionally, you can count on us for key services such as supplier enablement, contract enablement, procurement capacity augmentation, ESG analytical reporting, catalogue support, application building and integration management.

We leave no stone unturned, so that your organization isn’t hamstrung by day-to-day operational pitfalls, but that you’re able to focus on the strategic activities that drive tangible value.