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Project procurement management

SCP-Project Procurement

When implementing new technologies, companies need resources to ensure that it’s done effectively, timeously and meets expectations. While many companies see the benefits of implementing the best procurement technology solutions, most don’t have the resources to manage and oversee this process themselves. With our depth of knowledge and extensive experience in spend management implementations, we’re able to provide this function.

If a customer chooses to manage and oversee the implementation process themselves, SCP is still able to assist with guidance during this process to ensure that the customer gets the most value out of their technology investment.

However, with SCP at the PM helm, we’re able to provide our customers with key project management support, including business case preparation, setting deliverables, estimating resources and timelines, leading and motivating the project team, managing risks, issues and changes to the project, managing the project budget, monitoring progress against plan, integration management, data cleansing, supplier enablement, communications management, training support and analytics. We’re also able to assist with analysing the business operating model, supply chain transformation, change management and business process optimisation.