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A Proudly YES Member

YES is a South African business-led collaboration that seeks out groundbreaking ways, through innovation and technological best practice, to reignite the economy and give South African youth a dignified first chance.

The YES initiative aims to transform companies, communities and South African youth’s lives by connecting youth to economic opportunities and dignity and together, building a future that works.

The YES 12-month quality work experience equips unemployed youth with a toolkit to be a beacon of hope for their families, households and communities. The CV & reference letter they get at the end of their 12-months gives them a 3 x greater chance of an interview call-back.

SCP joined the YES initiative in 2019, employing 9 YES candidates. At the end of their 12-month contract, 8 of the candidates accepted full-time employment offers from SCP. There are currently 9 new YES candidates at SCP, and we commit to keep building into the youth of our country.

At SCP, we are committed to investing in a strong, diverse youth workforce, and being a springboard for our nation’s economy, starting with or youth.