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Cloud Integration Best Practices & Tools

Cloud integration best practices and tools

You’re a cutting-edge organization with best-of-breed applications across the board. Your digital transformation is in full swing, and your business practices are evolving almost at a rate of knots. Your cloud-based approach has unlocked your organization’s potential, and you’re leaving the competition in your wake. How do you maintain this competitive advantage amid a barrage of seemingly daily applications releases that require new connections into your systems?

You need to ensure that your cloud integration can seamlessly handle any new applications add‑ons. What is the best way to do this? Supply Chain Partner’s team are digital transformation experts, and we will help you find the perfect cloud integration solution for your organization. Along with the skills, tools, expertise, and experience to implement the new technology, SCP can also guide you in the best way forward to expand your integration systems within your current internal policies and processes.

Cloud integration best tools and software

There are several approaches to cloud integration. As the number of available cloud applications increases, the ability to make them speak to each other has become exceedingly important. Supply Chain Partner has simplified the search for the optimal cloud integration solution, and here are the best tools and software for the job:

Middleware integration

Middleware is the first custom development from hub-and-spoke or point-to-point integration. Middleware is a custom-built layer between the application and the user interface that allows the applications to share data and processes with each other.


An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) allows you to instantly integrate new applications without the need to identify specific custom solutions or build connections for each new application. iPaaS connects the applications for you, building out a system that allows your applications to seamlessly talk to each other. The data storage of an iPaaS solution is also often more secure than other options. This solution will not be managed in‑house and will go through a service provider.

Custom code

If you have the capabilities within your organization, your IT team can build out a custom solution that speaks to each individual application and fits your own organization perfectly. This can be difficult to maintain, as new applications must be individually built into the system to keep the platform consistent. It also requires significant in-house expertise that not all organizations have access to.

Off-the-shelf software as a service (SaaS)

Finally, most applications have built-in software integration that can be implemented into your system using third-party plugins and APIs. This is the least attractive solution as it prevents you from building out any type of custom solution – you are, instead, reliant on the capabilities of the third-party products.

Any one of these tools can facilitate the integration of your cloud-based applications and provide you with an enterprise-wide solution, if used correctly. Building out a strong integration plan to follow for each new application is crucial to ensure that it fits into your system with as little disruption as possible. This will assist you in using the full capabilities of each implementation and keep your business always running optimally.

Supply Chain Partner’s team prioritize planning, data security, flexibility, communication, and iteration. Focusing on aligning your organization to the integration goals can greatly assist in adoption and, therefore, the success of your new application. Any organization’s most valuable advantage is their data, as it not only points the way forward, but also assist AI and machine learning systems to build more effective processes. Your data security is, therefore, extremely important when adding new elements to your enterprise. Finally, your system needs to be able to accommodate new applications, and your team must be able to iterate and communicate their findings for the next round of implementations.

Supply Chain Partner’s team are experts in digital transformation and enterprise applications. As your partner in the integration process, SCP can assist with building the perfect custom integration plan, as well as identifying the ideal tool to fit both the plan and your organization. Cloud-based applications can take your business to the next level – why not ensure that you’re employing them in the best way possible?