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Importance of Cloud Integration

The age of big data is upon us. As a business owner, you need to be able to record and analyze data across all facets of your business. Integrating all your systems can assist in the collection of this data, and can help your business become more efficient, agile, and productive. For your business to run effectively, you need to make sure that you are running an integrated enterprise solution that interfaces with the cloud. SCP is an expert in cloud enterprise integration, and can assist you in implementing the ideal solution for your business. But what is cloud enterprise integration exactly, and how does it work? We’ve compiled all the information you need to understand why cloud enterprise integration is important to your business.

What is Meant by Cloud Enterprise Integration?

Cloud enterprise integration enables your business processes to connect and collaborate, sharing data across applications. The integration of enterprises has evolved over the years, from small scale person-to-person connections to the massive, cloud-based operations that are common today. Cloud enterprise integration links all the business applications within your company without having to completely overhaul your existing data structures and applications. Enterprise integration spans the technologies, processes, and team structures that connect data, applications, and devices from all corners of your business.

How Does Cloud Integration Work?

Applications are mainly linked through APIs, or application programming interfaces. These interfaces link each of the applications and allow for multiple endpoints, meaning that your data can be transferred seamlessly across sectors. As your business may use both on-premise and cloud-based solutions, a fully integrated enterprise solution can easily incorporate both types of applications, eliminating the problems traditionally associated with implementing cloud-based operations into older technology. It can also integrate applications within the same cloud platform, but also provide integration between applications on different cloud platforms.

Importance of Cloud Integration

The purpose of cloud integration is to make your business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible across all applications. Ensuring that you have the oversight you need to make accurate, fast-paced decisions means that you can easily identify areas where your business can be improved, and can help suggest new technologies that will enable your business to grow and expand. Your staff will be able to automate repetitive tasks, and your business’s ability to adapt to new integrations and processes will be quicker than if your processes were separated.

The ability to handle new integrations also allows you to link new applications and processes as you adopt them, and can minimize and mitigate the impact of replacing existing systems with newer, more effective technology. The benefits of a cloud integration solution lie in maximizing the effectiveness of your existing tools across the face of your business, and allowing you to pinpoint wasteful processes.

As an expert implementer of cloud enterprise integration solutions, we can help you find a bespoke solution that perfectly suits you and your business. Whether your needs are upgrading an existing system, or implementing a new framework onto your company, SCP can provide you with the assistance and expertise needed to make your new integration seamless.