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Supply Chain Control Tower Service

When you read “supply chain control tower”, the visual that comes to mind is no doubt of the classic tall, central structure, with a hive of activity within. Control towers at airports, for example, have teams of people who speak different languages and who perform different duties scurrying around to ensure that planes can land and takeoff on schedule. However, this isn’t exactly what a control tower in a supply chain is, although both operations share one very important characteristic: visibility of the impact of your decisions.

What Is A Supply Chain Control Tower?

A supply chain control tower is a single information dashboard that tracks your supply chain activities by gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data. This provides you with complete oversight of the process, which can drastically improve efficiencies across the supply chain. Visibility of each individual aspect of your supply chain simultaneously, as well as the ability to call up relevant data at will is crucial to enabling growth in your organization, as your business becomes less sensitive to external factors, and more resilient to unforeseen disruptions. In the hyperconnected, global, modern world, the ability to rapidly recover from vulnerabilities can define your business, and place you way ahead of your competitors.

How Does Supply Chain Control Tower Work?

As part of the migration of traditional, manual systems onto the digital plane, a supply chain control tower functions as part of a cloud-based procurement platform. This online presence speeds up the retrieval of data and allows your business to store vast amounts of data much more safely and easily. Each link in the supply chain feeds constantly updating data into a data stream, which is transmitted to the control tower almost instantaneously, providing you with the power to make faster, more effective decisions. The functionality of the cloud also allows for end-to-end visibility, something which could otherwise not be accomplished at the same scale. As the crowning masterpiece of a true digital supply chain management system, a supply chain control tower forms an integral part of your organization’s digital transformation.

What Are The Benefits Of A Supply Chain Control Tower?

With complete oversight of your supply chain, you are able to avoid running from problem to problem at a local level, and can instead direct resources to exactly where they are needed. This prevents unanticipated backlogs in the chain, as your employees will be far better equipped to deal with individual problems if your supply chain team can see precisely what is causing them. This visibility is also key to a comprehensive supply chain risk management process, as visibility can highlight where your supply chain’s vulnerabilities are. This enables you to anticipate where problems might arise, and prepare for disruptions accordingly with predefined contingency plans.

As we have seen since 2020, the global supply chain, while more connected than ever, is also increasingly susceptible to massive fluctuations and disruptions in supply and demand. Being able to understand how these changes affect your organization’s supply chain is critical to creating a thriving business, and to maintaining your business’s advantage over its competitors. However, as with any digital solution, the expertise to implement truly transformational systems is often hard to come by. SCP is an expert in supply chain and procurement, and has successfully implemented many cloud-based procurement systems for organizations of every description. We can assist you to find the perfect solution for your business, and take your growth into the stratosphere.