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Cloud ERP Implementation Methodology Tips

Any digital transformation journey can be challenging for your organization. The initial process is often arduous and is often mett with resistance from both your workforce and your existing systems, and the need for sustained change and adoption means that even after you have successfully migrated systems, procedures need to be in place to ensure that your changes solidify for the long haul. This is never more true than when implementing a cloud ERP solution, which can affect the entirety of your organization. If you’ve been grappling with the best methodologies for cloud ERP implementation, you’re in the right place! SCP has put together this quick guide of top tips on how to implement your new cloud ERP solution.

Best Cloud ERP Implementation Methodologies

There are several considerations in replacing your legacy system with a newer, more effective cloud solution. As each cloud ERP solution is different, each will have its unique implementation specifications. There are, however, some broad stroke tips that we will cover here.

Firstly, construct an ERP change management plan. A major part of any implementation is managing the change and disruption that your organization suffers. This plan needs to include a full analysis of the new ERP, as well identifying any changes to your current workforce will slot in under the new structure. You then need to define and establish methods of communication regarding the new system, as well as a training strategy. The change management plan is the blueprint for success for your new system, so be sure to spend the required time and effort into developing and polishing it. This will align your organization’s goals and ensure that everyone is working towards the same outcomes.

Next, build your ERP project team. These will be the champions and evangelists of the new implementation, and play a critical role in its success if they embrace the challenge – both during the change and the adoption periods.

Then, begin your data migration. Completing this successfully is a critical element in launching your new system, and getting this process started early can identify problems and data gaps that are able to be addressed, given enough time. Your new cloud-ERP will rely on data to succeed, making the uncorrupted migration of your existing data an integral part of your cloud ERP implementation methodology.

Once your systems have started to take shape, you need to train your workforce. Your cloud ERP implementation simply cannot take hold if your end-users do not understand the system or how to operate it. This process can be outlined in the change management plan, but ensure that it is comprehensive enough to teach your employees exactly what to do in their new roles.

And finally, test your new systems and evaluate them. This often overlooked aspect allows you to see what works and what doesn’t before it becomes a problem. Running tests through your cloud ERP system highlights flaws in your new chain of information and command, and also allows you to better evaluate your plan and implementation methodologies for any future cloud implementations.

What To Avoid When Implementing Cloud ERP

The importance of a change management plan cannot be stressed enough. This strategy is crucial to aligning the objectives of all stakeholders in your organization, and without it, you’ll have teams working towards vastly different objectives – even with the best intentions. It is also important to have a clear data migration strategy. Naming a full time data officer can help to smooth this process, and to ensure that no critical information is lost during the changeover. Finally, encouraging your employees to adopt the system will make or break the success of your transformation. They must feel included in the new process, or you risk a return to old processes regardless of how well they have been trained.

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