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Integration Platform as a Service

How Does Integration Platform As A Service Work?

There are plenty of options available when you are looking to upgrade, digitize, or transform your organization’s systems. From a comprehensive ERP to a selection of best-of-breed platforms that best suit your business, your possibilities stretch across a vast array of combinations. Increasingly, however, organizations are embracing cloud based solutions to transform their existing legacy processes. In a cloud based solution, data, software, and applications are all accessible from anywhere with an internet connection – they do not need to be downloaded or installed on the device that you are using. This has obvious benefits, and does not only include convenience.

A major challenge most organizations face is to know how to get all their different applications to interact with one another. With ease-of-use being highly prioritized, the challenge of data visibility arises if the applications are from different systems. The solution to this problem can take many forms – middleware, hub-and-spoke, or even point-to-point. The widely accepted leader, however, is integration-platform-as-a-service. Not exactly sure what that means? SCP is here to help you out.

What Does Integration Platform As A Service Mean?

Integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaas) is a system that organizes, implements, and connects new business applications in order to enable them to seamlessly share data and integrate into your existing processes using the cloud. Instead of overhauling your system every time a new application needs to be added, you can simply install it using your custom-built iPaas, which seamlessly incorporates the new application’s data streams and systems into your existing enterprise streams. This is particularly important if you aren’t relying on a comprehensive ERP, as building out individual connections for each separate application is time-consuming for your in-house staff, and expensive to outsource.

How Does iPaas Work?

iPaas provides a single, consistent, universal process for all of your organization’s applications and their data to be integrated with one another. This includes both digital applications, and applications that may be installed on-site at your business. The cloud provider combines your data for you, using rules and requirements that only require a one-time setup. This governs the way that data is recorded, stored, and presented, and can easily adapt to the addition of new applications without needing to add new elements to your digital infrastructure. The cloud provider will even handle security and any patches or upgrades, which leaves you and your team free to work to provide value for your organization.

In the past, organizations have used point-to-point or middleware solutions in order to combat these challenges. While each of these has its own benefits, the increasing complexity of the integration needed eventually renders this unfeasible. This is especially true as the pace of digital transformation escalates with each passing year.

What Is The Importance of Integration-Platform-As-A-Service?

As organizations globally embrace digital transformation at an increasing rate, it has become critical to be able to transform your organization in order to remain competitive. Simultaneously, the rapid pace of progress requires that new and improved solutions to older legacy systems are appearing all the time. Integration-Platform-As-A-Service ensures that your organization takes advantage of these technological developments, instead of being hamstrung by an inability to integrate new applications.

In addition , readily available data ensures an instant increase in efficiency throughout your organization. Where before, your departments may have accidentally siloed data due to the lack of capability of your existing disparate systems, now anyone in your organization is provided full visibility of all necessary data, eliminating friction and providing one consistent, verified set of data.

As experts in enterprise resource planning implementation and integration, Supply Chain Partner can assist you in implementing an iPaas that is perfect for your business. With SCP as a partner, your business can unlock its growth potential, sending your results into the stratosphere.