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Importance of Contingent Workforce Management

Whether it is caused by seasonal demand, rising labor costs, or a need to access critical skills quickly and at scale, the need for a contingent workforce has never been greater. As the global adoption of the use of a fluid, flexible employee base has drastically increased over the last decade, so too has the importance of having established processes and systems in place to supervise your contingent workers. But how do you manage these workers, and how do you make sure that you are getting maximum value for your business out of them? Finding an in-house solution can sometimes be problematic, as the expertise needed to effectively run the process is difficult to come by. As contingent workforce management experts, we can help you find the perfect CWM solution for your business. Read on to find out how.

What Does Contingent Workforce Management Mean?

Your workforce consists of many separate groups. In the modern world, one of the most important is the contingent workforce, made up of people not on your payroll, but who provide services to your company. This can include seasonal workers, contractors, consultants, temps, and advisors. As the process of sourcing and vetting these workers is complex – and often costly to boot – it is vital that there is comprehensive oversight of this operation. This can avoid the issue of “double hiring” for a specific skill, when one department of your business requires skills that another department already has access to. In addition, contingent workforce management is not only the managing of the hiring process and the coordination between departments, but also the art of ensuring that the workers have positive experiences and remain satisfied.

How Does Contingent Workforce Management Work?

Although the option to manage your contingent workforce in-house is always there, the specific skill set needed is rare. Therefore, there are a variety of solutions that you can employ to manage the contingent workforce, from business process outsourcing to engaging a managed service provider. A cloud-based solution, such as SAP Fieldglass or Coupa CCW, will automatically gather data from all the interlinked departments across your business, and provide the information that you are looking for in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. This enables you, as an executive, to make decisions based on the actual data, in real time. Managing your entire contingent workforce in a single place can help mitigate risk across your organization, streamline processes, enhance security, and improve worker productivity.

Importance of Contingent Workforce Management

One of the main issues arising from poorly managed contingent workforces is the inability to unlock the true value of the talent that you have employed through lack of cooperation and communication between departments. However, there are other important aspects of CWM that can benefit your business as a whole. The very nature of the contingent workforce means that your workers will be faced with multiple opportunities for employment; ensuring that they have a positive experience at your company can help retain their services if you need them to return over a longer term. It can also prevent competitors from taking advantage of disengaged contractors or advisors.

As an expert in CWM, SCP can help find the perfect solution for your contingent workforce, whether that is an external workforce management solution or a managed service provider. We understand how important the contingent workforce is to your business, and our expertise means that we can seamlessly implement your ideal solution into your existing workforce management processes.