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Cloud ERP Solutions

Importance of Cloud Based ERP Solutions

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is the integrated management of your business’s fundamental functions. As businesses have developed in complexity and scale, and technology has advanced through the years, so ERPs have become software-based, using technology to assist in the collection of data from across your systems. There remains the question of exactly what type of ERP to implement in your business. The two main options are on-premise, and cloud-based. Supply Chain Partner is an expert in cloud-based ERP solutions, implementing several partner products with great success across a range of businesses and industries. If you’re wondering whether cloud-based ERP is the right solution for you, look no further: we’ve got a handy guide for you right here.

Cloud ERP Solutions

Cloud-based ERP solutions allow businesses to link their applications across departments, and manage these applications using shared computer-based programs through the Internet. There are a number of cloud-based ERP solutions, and just as each will represent a different fit for your business, so each will present its own challenges and benefits. Many enterprise solutions, such as Oracle NetSuite, have cloud-based ERP solutions, and other providers like Acumatica offer alternative options, although no less effective. All of these solutions will incorporate the entirety of your business’s core aspects, and display the data from them in a single source, which enables you to make accurate, real-time decisions across the breadth of your company.

How Does Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning Work?

Through the use of shared computing power – in order to generate processing power, memory, or disk storage, for instance – a cloud-based ERP will use remotely hosted applications to access, analyze, and organize data from all streams in your business. The shared system enables the applications to collect and analyze data much more quickly than would be possible with an on-premise solution. As newer technology becomes available, it can be integrated into your systems and used almost instantly, as there is no need for manual installation and system updates on your company’s premises.

Importance of Cloud-Based ERP Solutions

Cloud-based ERPs offer a number of benefits to your business. The overarching benefit – and this applies especially to small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) – is that of cost savings. Using shared computing resources means that a SMB can experience the full power of a best-of-breed application while only needing to pay a monthly rental fee from the provider, instead of shelling out huge amounts of cash up front to have the systems installed on-site. This also provides the benefit of efficient, seamless, and trouble-free technology and software upgrades, as there is no need to manually manage the upkeep of the system through hands-on maintenance.

Having a cloud-based ERP also allows your business to scale as rapidly as is necessary , as there are no restrictions on what the system can handle. Your team can access the tools included in your ERP from anywhere, using mobile phones or tablets, and can continue to work in real time even when away from the office. The burden of data security and standards of compliance also rest on the shoulders of the vendor, as opposed to you needing to develop your own security systems to protect your data, possibly without having an expert in the field.

As a recognized partner of several cloud-based ERP vendors, SCP’s ability to find the best solution for your business is unparalleled. Whatever the size of your enterprise, SCP has the perfect service for you. We also have qualified, experienced team members who will seamlessly integrate the systems into your existing framework, allowing you to rapidly take advantage of the technology and giving you the opportunity to supercharge your growth.