Supply Chain Partner

How Supply Chain Partner helps mining companies

Supply Chain Partner helps companies spend intelligently. We implement the best technologies for our clients and work with them to modernize their procurement processes. We recognize that process integration from cloud solutions to ERP with data consistency across an organization with various data structures is key in many businesses’ success. Supply Chain Partner uses the best applications and platforms to connect applications, transform and connect data, and automate aspects of business processes.

Since our establishment in 2013, we have quickly cultivated a reputation as a company that didn’t just implement new systems, but one that sought to assist procurement departments to take advantage of the opportunity new business solutions presented. 

We were one of the first to use Boomi cloud solutions and many of our projects use a cloud procurement solution while updating the financing with ERP (enterprise resource planning) that gives a unified view of information from different systems, no matter where the data originates.

Our services cater to each company’s needs, aiding in their business transformation or growth. We have firsthand experience with new technologies available, and we set out to provide solutions to procurement departments and companies that transform them. In the mining industry, we have helped our clients exceed in their industry and yield consistently successful results through our integration, implementation and project management.

Cloud technology implementation

Supply Chain Partner is proud to say that we completed one of the first implementations of SLP (supplier lifecycle and performance) globally for a platinum company. SAP Ariba SLP integration is a solution with a set of connected processes for supplier management – from onboarding qualification to preferred supplier management to disqualification. Supply Chain Partner also helped the company manage contracts, and supported the process of supplier onboarding onto the Ariba network.

Through Ariba, a digital marketplace where buyers and suppliers connect, supply chain transactions and procurement can occur, and companies are able to network and show their value. Many of our clients use Ariba and derive great benefits from the service.

Supply Chain Partner also aided in integration between SLP and MDG (SAP Master Data Governance), which is an e-commerce consumer financing program for a mining company using custom software. 

Additionally, Supply Chain Partner has mastered Coupa with multiple ERP integration development and support for several mining companies. Coupa assists businesses with spending management. It links customers to partners through a BSM (business spend management) platform.

Supply Chain Partner helped a company integrate Coupa to SAP using Dell Boomi middleware, which provides a multi-tenant cloud integration platform that aids in connecting cloud and on-premises applications and data. This allowed for the easy flow of data with information collected in physical areas to the cloud. 

Another mining company integrated their system consisting of two ERPs using Azure iPaaS middleware. 100 percent of spend was processed via Coupa and the Coupa storefront catalog was made available. The company received end-to-end visibility of the source-to-contract process. We were able to use robotics to support end user ease of use and fix source item requirements through automatic population.

We are immensely proud to be pioneers of cloud technology in the mining and other industries. Our integration and implementation of cloud technology has allowed companies to foster easy communication to all aspects of the business.

Business success

We transformed the business operating model for one of our mining clients and defined and rewrote policies to successfully create a seamless and effective working environment. We created a set of capabilities for employees and shifted the operating model. To ensure success, we continue to monitor this company’s new implementations through a long-term contract, as well as delivery and incident management.

For another mining client, we were able to create invoices that are easier to digest by taking bulk invoices and applying them to one template. This allows viewers to understand all material easily, something we emphasize, especially when dealing with finances.

We also aided in contract management for another company which were integrated outline agreements and service agreements placed into SAP. With our services, the company received supported power users in terms of upstream functional support through sourcing, contracts, SLP, procurement catalogs and daily e-Procurement business support.

Our services in the mining industry have helped companies succeed in their field. We have the knowledge to yield the best possible results, and we can apply this knowledge to help further the mining industry.

With our strategies and support, our customers receive a customized and targeted plan to gain the best results from the greatest technology and continuously have success.

Let us help you

Our clients in the mining industry have shown their extreme satisfaction with our services. We thrive to unlock companies’ greatest values through our project management services. With our vast knowledge and extensive experience in spend management implementations, we can give clients peace of mind with the implementation of technology solutions. 

Work with us to see how your company can take advantage of modern technology solutions for the best possible results.