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Coupa Features & Benefits

As an official Coupa partner, we recognize the benefits that a holistic business spend management solution can provide to you and your company over time. From managing the entire P2P process, to contract lifecycle management, analytics, risk, AP automation, expenses and more, Coupa is your total business spend management solution. In case you’re not familiar with Coupa, we have put together a quick and easy to digest “poker guide” so that you can see exactly how it works.

What is Coupa?

Coupa is a cloud-based business spend management tool designed to handle all spend-related aspects of your business. Managing your invoicing, sourcing, contracts, and supplier information, Coupa can extend the power of your business’s spend, and eliminate wasteful spending by assisting you in identifying where money is being lost. Coupa has been expertly assembled to handle all expense processes, and the fact that it is cloud-based makes it simple, swift, and seamless to integrate into any of your existing systems. As a certified Coupa partner, we can skillfully implement the set-up into your existing ecosystem, and our team will educate you on how best to make Coupa work for you.

What is Coupa used for?

Coupa is implemented into a business’s ERP and expense systems, and provides assistance in a range of disciplines. These include – but are not limited to – invoicing, sourcing, procurement, expenses, inventory, budgeting, contract lifecycle management, analytics, and supplier information management. Coupa is built to provide a total overview of all your expense-related transactions, giving you the opportunity to make the best informed decisions on how to spend your money. The cloud-based platform means that all of this spend-related data will be available to you at any time.

What Are the Advantages of using Coupa?

Coupa’s main advantages are related to optimizing a business’s spend management, having an easy-to-use interface, developing improved supplier processes and relationships, enabling spend management-assisted growth, and allowing for improved spend-on-contract and spend visibility.

Coupa can greatly improve a business’s spend management. The powerful tools it utilizes identify all areas of wasted expenditure in your business, paring down unnecessary spending and increasing the power and effectiveness of where the company chooses to direct its finance. The data that Coupa gathers is displayed in easy-to-read dashboards, providing deep analytics, and making it easy to take remedial action in an efficient and agile manner. The dashboards draw from Coupa’s tailor-made cloud-based platform, meaning that any information you require will be at your fingertips within moments.

More broadly, Coupa’s collaborative partner implementation model means that you can get up and running with a specialist partner by your side, every step of the way. Any hidden expenditures that hurt your bottom line can now be easily identified, and any that develop over time will be quickly highlighted in the system. This makes the process of eliminating wasteful and unwanted spend painless and rapid. The support from our team will turn you into the master of your own Coupa instance, as you will be able to utilize the data easily and at a moment’s notice.

As Coupa also assists with supplier management and contract lifecycle management, it smooths over any bumps in the supplier onboarding process. Coupa assists on both sides of the transaction, streamlining and solidifying supplier relationships.

How Does Coupa Work?

Coupa tracks invoices and compiles an electronic paper trail, easily managing it and presenting it to you, the user, in an intuitive dashboard. This makes it simple not only to keep track of expenses, but also to have a top-down view of each transaction at a moment’s notice.

Coupa has some obvious benefits. What is most powerful, however, is the ability to unlock your business’s potential, and accelerate growth across the board. The SCP team is there to help you every step of the way, improving your efficiency at every level and turning your business into the powerhouse it deserves to be – a lean, mean, no-excess-spending machine.