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Your business is innovative. You understand the value of digital transformation and you know the frustration of manual expense processes all too well. Enabling your business to grow sustainably and optimize performance across departments is high on your list of priorities. A data-driven solution that controls your spend and maximizes profitability is an efficient route to realizing the potential of your company, and SAP Concur provides exactly that. Integrating and automating travel, expense, and invoice processes, SAP Concur is the cloud-based SaaS that can supercharge the development of your business. So how does SAP Concur work? Glad you asked. We’ve put together a simple guide on everything you need to know to get started on your expense management journey.

What is SAP Concur?

SAP Concur is a cloud-based service offering optimization of business travel, expense, and invoice management. As an integrated expense management tool, SAP Concur enables you as a business owner to have total visibility of your expenditure. The integrated nature of the tool allows it to track expenditure automatically and in real time, saving you the time and effort usually required to endlessly record expenses. As a certified SAP Concur partner, we can quickly and easily implement Concur into your existing ecosystem, and our team will guide you through the process of finding a Concur solution that aligns with your business objectives.

How Does SAP Concur Work?

SAP Concur guides employees through every step of recording expenses, and generates expense reports using near-real time data. Artificial intelligence then checks the generated expense reports automatically, and approves or queries transactions before reimbursement. With the Concur app, employees can even build expense reports by photographing their receipts, eliminating the need for tedious and time-consuming expense report generation. Through Concur Detect, Concur’s machine learning and compliance setup, transactions are scrutinized for errors, potential fraud, and compliance with company policy and regulatory bodies.

SAP Concur Features & Benefits

Concur greatly reduces time historically wasted on generating expense reports, and assists you in checking said reports before they are reimbursed. As many businesses today are unable to devote the necessary time and effort to examine expenses as they happen, Concur provides a data-driven, cloud-based solution to a decades-old challenge that has no doubt plagued your business in some form or another.

Concur Detect uses social proof, social media, and machine learning to aid you in a range of expense-related tasks. Artificial intelligence then also detects whether merchants are approved, whether the purchase is appropriate for a company expense, whether the purchase was made by the company card, and if the expense is a travel add-on, such as a minibar in a hotel room. Constant innovation and regular updates means that you are never surprised by unexpected and unsuitable expense claims, and you only need to audit reports that are deemed unusual or risky.

The integration of Concur Travel allows you to manage your entire trip from the Concur dashboard. Booking flights, car rentals and hotel rooms are all managed in one, convenient, easy-to-use platform , and are pre-loaded into Concur. The mobile app allows you to run Concur from your phone or tablet, allowing you to snap pictures of receipts instead of having to manually fill out transaction details.

Concur Invoice automates and digitizes invoice management, providing a solution to spending hours poring over individual invoices for processing and approval. This frees up your precious time, and the digitization of the information means that important financial information is just a click away.

The data-driven, cloud based SAP Concur solution can give you total oversight of your business’s spend at a moment’s notice. Concur’s integration into ERPs and HCM systems means that your business will have a single, connected process for all of your expenses, no matter how big or small.

SAP Concur provides you with the means to unlock the potential of your business. Budgeting and expense management can be a breeze, and the SCP team is there to help you through the process of moulding your expense management into what it should be: quick, easy, and a benefit to your business.