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How Does Procurement Transformation Work?

Once a practice solely focused on cost-reducing measures, procurement’s contribution in the modern business world has shifted. With new technologies, digital capabilities, and innovative practices, procurement is increasingly being looked to as an active value driver in organizations globally. How does your organization transform its procurement systems to align with this new, value-heavy expectation? Is there some kind of procurement transformation roadmap that you and your organization can follow?

The answer is that each business must build out its own plan, tailored to the specific needs of your organization and its systems. SCP, an expert in the supply chain space, is here to assist you in building out the perfect roadmap, and implementing it at every level in your organization. With our knowledge and experience, we have the procurement transformation service you have been looking for.

What Is Procurement Transformation?

Procurement transformation is the fundamental altering of your procurement processes in order to allow your organization to conduct business in a new way that provides tangible value. Of course, this goes beyond eprocurement – that is, migrating your legacy or manual systems online – and incorporates a move towards new ways of value creation. Therefore, procurement transformation needs to take hold at every level of your organization, and address all forms of operations. These long-term improvements can assist your business in adapting to new conditions, and can project your procurement division as a critical value source for your business. This can form part of a larger transformation in your organization and can ensure that your procurement processes are aligned with your broader business objectives.

How Do You Create A Procurement Transformation Roadmap?

Any procurement transformation, like any business transformation process in general, must focus on three main aspects: People, Processes, and Technology. How you address these parts is unique to your organization, and is the part of the roadmap that SCP, as your partner, can assist you with. As a brief overview, here’s what you should think about when developing your own plan:

  1. People
    In any transformation, the biggest contributor to success will be the adoption of your transformation by your employees. Educating your workforce on your new processes and systems and guaranteeing their buy-in is critical in ensuring that your transformation is a success. However, if you fail to engage with them throughout the transformation, you run the risk of long-term failure.
  2. Processes
    Any legacy systems and processes must be assessed and evaluated to ascertain whether they align with your organization’s objectives. These systems must be re-scoped and adjusted if they do not align, in order to ensure that they are delivering the value that your business needs them to. This can often be a total overhaul, and can rely heavily on the implementation of new technology.
  3. Technology
    Finally, the implementation of new systems is crucial to any organization that harbours ambitions to grow. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the impact of technology carries an ever-increasing benefit. If you take the leap before your competitors, you can adapt and pivot far more easily than other businesses in your sandbox.


As an expert in supply chain management and transformation, SCP is here to guide your business every step of the way. Our employees are experts across a range of software and disciplines, and have the dedication and knowledge to create the perfect roadmap for your company. As our record of successful implementation proves, we also possess the soft skills needed to train your workforce and ensure employee adoption of your procurement transformation processes in order to enable long-term success and stratospheric growth.