Supply Chain Partner

Atlantis Dubai Go-live with Coupa

Atlantis Dubai, encompassing Atlantis, The Palm and Atlantis The Royal, is an unparalleled destination, offering extraordinary experiences to its visitors, including the world’s largest water park, Aquaventure, the greatest collection of celebrity chefs on the planet, and unrivaled entertainment.

To ensure a seamless guest experience, supply chain specialists ensure all food and marine supplies, as well as housekeeping items, are ordered, received, and delivered on time. As Atlantis, Dubai has grown, the need for a software solution able to support its supply chain grew too. The end-user experience was less than ideal. Raising purchase orders (POs) was cumbersome and inefficient, requiring manual intervention. Reporting was very limited and not able to provide real-time insights into spending trends.

The decision to go with Coupa’s business spend management (BSM) solution was based on the need to improve process efficiency and create in-depth spend visibility. The project was complex and challenging, but together with the Atlantis team and its implementation partner, Supply Chain Partner (SCP), it has been delivered in record time. 

After six months of planning, designing and building their solution, Atlantis, Dubai went live with Coupa on 12 September.

Zoe Brooks, Senior Director of Procurement, has the following to say: “Selecting SCP as our implementation partner was the right decision. From their participation in the tender through to go live, the entire team has been present, sharing their extensive knowledge and expertise, supporting us to enhance our processes and get the best from Coupa. We have built trust and listened to all perspectives to develop and deliver solutions together. It has been a pleasure to work with the SCP team.” 

The project followed a phased approach of multiple workshops with Atlantis’s core team. These discussions informed the design and playbacks which took place within three weeks of project kick-off.

The hospitality industry is a high-volume, high-velocity environment, covering a wide array of categories. Added to this, Atlantis, Dubai has some unique requirements. These demanded out-of-the-box solutions which were deftly handled by SCP in a combination of configuration, integration and technical designs. Not only did SCP bring extensive technical skills to the discussions, but they applied their functional and supply chain experience to develop an optimal solution.

This project also led to the implementation of middleware software, previously not part of the Atlantis, Dubai landscape. Even though this had not been part of the initial scope, by deploying a middleware solution, the integration design took on a completely new form, enabling complex solutions to some challenging problems that were previously not possible. The swift decision-making of the Atlantis, Dubai team was crucial to this pivot point in the project and to the project’s overall success.

The close involvement of Atlantis’s core project team was significant to the success of the project. Zoe comments: “The Coupa implementation has been a procurement-led project. However, I believe one of the critical success factors was having the finance department with Dagmawi Yitbarek, Aylin Kabasakal, and Igor Gambachidze as a collaborative partner. Our functional systems managers, Reynold Viegas and Anirudh Goenka, also provided unwavering support to ensure a successful go live.”

Strong leadership from the client team enabled the project to keep in step with the quick turnaround plan.

The combination of customer commitment, together with SCP’s experience, established a solid foundation for the project to be successfully delivered within 24 weeks. The mutual trust relationship which developed through the project has led to the additional Managed Services contract with SCP and further enhancements being discussed for a subsequent project phase.

Coupa has yet again proven that it is the leading solution in business spend management, able to bring about true value in the high-paced, diverse and complex world of the hospitality industry. Supply Chain Partner’s collaboration, insight and skills were key enablers of this solution. But the outstanding success factor was the relationship between Atlantis, Coupa and SCP. Without this trust relationship, delivering the solution effectively within the limited timeframes wouldn’t have been possible, and the project would not have been able to realise the value already achieved.